Best Snacks for a 10-Month Old

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Your baby is getting older and will need regular snacks alongside meals. As your little one grows older, you may want to supplement their mid-morning and mid-afternoon milk feeds with a snack that is going to match her burst of energy and keep up with the busy little munchkin.

Your little one still has a tiny stomach perfect for small meals with some snacks in between that will suit them better than three large meals a day. Your baby is also ready for finger foods, and her taste buds are excited to try new flavors making it easier to try nutritious snacks.

Keep in mind as you prepare any snack foods that choking is a serious risk. Never leave your baby unattended while eating and ensure foods are cut to a safe size before offering them.

Why Does Your Baby Need Snacks?

Your little one is still developing, and they need a lot of energy and nutrients to keep up with milestones. For instance, snacks will be vital for your munchkins fine motor skills. They are also teething, if they have not teethed yet, which makes finger foods essential. Finger foods are a combination of nutrients and a healthy way to sooth sour gums.

Your little one is also very interested in learning how to feed themselves. Don’t be surprised if they reach for the spoon. Snacks are a great way to help her experiment with self-feeding.

Snack Ideas for 10-month-old

1. Cheese Cubes

cubes of yellow cheese stacked randomly on wood

Cheese is easy to chew and a great source of calcium and protein. You can chop up small cubes so your little one can pick them up. If your little one struggles with grasp, melt the cheese a little to make it easier for them. Also, start with milder cheese such as cheddar.

2. Raw vegetable sticks

Chop up a few pepper sticks or a carrot and let your little one munch on them. By now, your baby has stronger gums and is likely to be teething. Some babies already have teeth by month ten, which will make this snack easy to eat. You can steam the veggies for a few minutes to make them tender and easy to chew and swallow.

best snacks to feed a ten month old

3. Delicious fruits

Fresh fruits are the ultimate snack for little fingers. They are packed with tons of minerals and vitamins essential for your little one’s health. Slice up an orange, pear, apple, and peaches and let your little one savor the delicacy. You can make things a little interesting by combining flavors.

4. Yogurt

mother feeding her son a yogurt while sitting in the highchair.

This is one of the best snacks to give your baby; however, you may want to only serve natural yogurt as flavored ones are loaded with sugar. Natural yogurt does not have the best taste. To sweeten it up, add a little fruit puree such as apricot. You can also add grated fruits such as apples or mango to give it a little texture.

5. Warm Baby Cereal

Porridge is a great pre-bed snack to serve your little one. It will fill your baby up and help them sleep throughout the night. If your baby still wakes up for milk at night, this could be an excellent remedy. Porridge is also known to induce sleep and can be a great snack just before your baby takes an afternoon nap. They will be fuller and definitely sleep longer. If you are not afraid of a little mess, you can allow your munchkin to self-feed.

Snacks are a great way to boost your little one’s nutrition and energy during the day. They will help your little one keep hunger at bay between meals making them less likely to fuss. The best snacks are low in fat, sugar, and salt.

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