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5 Best Baby Websites to Sign Up For

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The whole duration of pregnancy and the few months following childbirth are extremely special. If you are expecting, congratulations for embarking the journey will overwhelm you with many emotions. Many of your friends and family members will want to bestow gifts on you and the baby. Online gift registries are perfect for those who live close and far. My favorite is the Amazon Baby Registry.

Once the baby arrives, you won’t have much free time on your hands. Between the cycles of feeding, burping, cleaning and making the baby sleep, you might feel that a little bit of help would do you immense good.

This is precisely why we have compiled a list of the best baby websites to sign up for. Not only these websites have a lot of relevant information and products that will surely help you, they also offer a lot of useful freebies for you and your little bub. What’s not to love?


There is no website that can match the variety of items that are available on Amazon. Their baby registry is an amazing place to sign up for. You will find literally everything that you want, delivered right at your door step. Here are a few more reasons to sign up with Amazon baby registry.

  • Others can send gifts directly to you through your registry.
  • Extremely attractive discounts from time to time.
  • Hassle-free return policy.
  • Free thank-you cards to anyone who sends gifts to you from their registry.

Buy Buy Baby

Who can deny the awesomeness of the products showcased at Buy Buy Baby? Thanks to their thoughtful and cute collections for the mommy and the baby, they are among the leading online stores for baby-related stuff. Their shopping guides are extremely helpful for the confused mommy. Here’s why you should sign up with them.

  • Signing up gets you a free gift.
  • You get regular discount of up to 25%.
  • Their products are among the most sought-after in the US.
  • They offer tons of useful stuff like complimentary cards for baby shower invitations etc.
5 best baby websites to sign up for

Nature’s One

Nature’s One stocks some of the best nutritional products like organic formulas, electrolytes, and beverages for kids of all ages. They also have fragrance free washing liquids and wipes to make your tasks easier and safer. Why should you sign up with them?

  • To receive a complimentary full-size product for a small shipping fee.
  • To get regular updates about the latest findings in kid’s nutrition.


All babies need diapers. Who knew that a diaper company can offer so much more than diapers? When you sign up for the Pampers Rewards program, you will not only get discounts on diaper subscriptions, but also the following benefits:

  • Reward point for every purchase.
  • Redemption of reward points for discount coupons, baby food items, offers, and much more.


The next time you visit Target, make sure to sign up for their baby registry. Not only do they have a wide selection of useful items for you and your baby, they also have an excellent baby registry program that offers a whole lot of benefits, including:

  • A free welcome kit with samples of diapers, pacifiers, bottles etc.
  • Coupons worth $50.
  • Starbucks coupons for the sleep deprived mom who needs a good coffee.
  • 15% discount on every pending item in your registry.
  • Exciting discounts on select merchandise.

When you sign up for these baby websites, you will find all the essential items delivered to you in good time. Also, these programs allow your friends and family to send you useful gifts. What are you waiting for? Sign up for one (or more) of these programs and thank me later.

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